Yet another update on my shinies!!!

I finally found my old Black version, which had a whooole bunch of shines on them!!!! :’D And I’m still looking for some pokemon, so everything shown here is for trade!

I’m mostly looking for the following Pokemon:

Shiny Entei, Victini, Shiny Phantump (I have an everstone, so I’d have to work out a way to send it over to you so you can have the phantump holding it), Shiny Lotad (or any evolutions), Shiny Ralts (or any evolutions), Shiny Electrike, Shiny Skiddo, Shiny Shuppet (or any evolutions), Shiny Snivy (or any Evolutions), and Shiny Bisharp (or any evolutions). Bolded ones are the ones that I’d like the most, and would be a definite yes! (NOTE:: I really want Skiddo so I’ll trade literally anything for it!!! I will seriously even get a shiny of whatever you want if I don’t have it above - besides legendaries of course)

Some non-shiny Pokemon that I want (mostly for the dex) would be:

Steelix (or Onix holding Metal Coat), Slowking (or Slowpoke holding King’s Rock), Porygon2 (or Porygon holding Up-Grade), or Porygon-Z (or Porygon2 holding Dubious Disc). But if you have one of the Pokemon above, I would really appreciate if you offered one of those instead ;; It would mean a lot!!

If you got any questions, feel free to send me an ask!!!!

also these little shits are all sorted alphabetically i hope u guys appreciate hard, pointless work

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